Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday 6/28 Only a few more days

Long day of classes, filling out surveys and taking tests for the institute, meetings and all that jazz.  Both my classes ran a little late and I had all sorts of homework and presentations to finish so that took up a lot of time.  We didn't go to the mall today like we usually do on Tuesdays because we're running out of time and it didn't seem as important because there aren't any movies playing that we haven't already seen lol so I stayed home and did my homework, chatted with people and hung out with Deivy and the family basically all night.  I stayed up sooo late again cause Deivy doesn't want to lose any time with me, so we watched comedy videos, I tried to teach him how to salsa dance, and then we tried to learn thriller together hahah unsuccessfully I might add, because that song is way to long to play over and over again. So we just talked, him in English, me in Spanish to get our practice in until almost 2 in the morning! Luckily I don't have class til 2pm tomorrow and I have plenty of time to write my paper, however Deivy is not so lucky and had to get up at 6am for classes :P

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