Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6/7 ¿Qué Pasó Ayer?

Had lots of homework to do today so I got up really early to finish it all, and I'm just so exhausted.  Class at 11 and 2, tropical ecology was more or less boring, mostly because he talks to fast and I don't understand any of the scientific terms he uses in English never mind in Spanish.  Spanish class wasn't too bad except there's this terribly annoying girl that joined our class, so now its just three of us in a little tiny echoing room.  We had to improvise stories in a circle and every time we passed the ball someone else would continue the story, which was interesting haha and we also play this game where two people describe a word to the third person and they have to figure out what it is.  I love that game and I'm pretty good at it too, it reminds me of charades or something :)
After class, a few friends and I went to the mall in Heredia to see Que Paso Ayer (The Hangover 2- which in spanish literally translates to: What Happened Yesterday? hahaha)  We bought ice cream from this awesome place called pops and snuck it into the theater, because honestly movies are just better with ice cream.  It was a pretty funny movie although everything was almost exactly like the first one.  Gio and Katy (daughter and son in law) were home when I came back and we talked for a while and everyone talked about how my spanish has grown by mountains lol yay! 

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