Thursday, June 9, 2011

6/9 Rummy and Kittens

Today in Spanish class we played all sorts of games, some were better than others.  For instance, the gigante-enano game was absolutely terrible.  It was like Simon Says and when she said enano you would crouch down, and gigante you would stand up.  My legs were so sore from dance classes last night that I couldn't keep up with her switching between the two and ended up answering the most questions because of it, but oh well I guess that's just more Spanish practice for me!  Pictionary was a lot more fun though, I love games like that, charades is my favorite!  After class I hung out with Deivy for a while before I headed over to Casey's house for dinner and cards.   On our way there I found 3 kittens!! at first I was so excited but I didn't want to touch them because I don't know if they have any diseases and also I didn't want their mother to abandon them because of me!  It was really kind of sad though because they were all alone in the street.  I was trying to keep them off the road but they kept running around and playing.  Finally we were walking away because there was nothing more we could do and two cars were coming!  I desperately tried to go back and keep them to one side of the road but two of them ran into the middle playing together and it was SO CLOSE!  I wanted to cry those poor things, I hope their ok :(  When we arrived at Casey's house it was Casey, Richard, her family and I and we had chalupas for dinner, which are fanastic! fresh avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, chicken and frijoles on a hard tortilla. yum!!  We played Rummy for two hours before I was ready to pass out hahah but it was a lot of fun.  Her host brother Armando likes to scare us though, and every time he would walk in the room he'd yell or throw something on the ground and we'd all scream lol and even though we only live less than 10 minutes away her mama tica made us take a taxi because of the dark.  Oh well, its a cheap taxi ride, worth being safe :)
I'm leaving at 6am tomorrow for Tortuguero so I'll update when I get back! Have a great weekend everybody!! :D

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