Wednesday, June 1, 2011

6/1 Just Dance

so I slept in til 8 today! that's the latest so far, and I was so tired I didn't even want to get up.  No class until 2 and I was home alone for a while so I just went to the instituto and hung out there for a while.  Class was boring today but afterwards I went home for dinner before dance class.  I had mama and Deivy help me with my homework about costa rican sayings and that was fun because they explained it all to me and then quizzed me on it to make sure I understood.  Mama tica was telling me that its usually just her and Deivy around during the day so he gets sad when I leave, aww so sweet, and I wish I could hang out with him more, but oh well, they'll be time.  Dance started at 7pm but we had to walk through a super sketchy part of town in that dark to get there, there were about 20 or more of us though so I wasnt too worried.  It was from 7-9 but it ran a little late and the first section of it was kind of like an aerobic class but it was a lot of fun because she used all sorts of different dance moves to help us learn at the same time, and the latter part of class was all sorts of different dances, some with partners some without.  we did Salsa, Chacha, Romba, Kumba  (I think thats the name?), Classic, and some others I didnt know the names of.  I loveee salsa though and it was a lot of fun to do the turns and everything.  At the end they turned off all the lights and had this awesome disco ball going around and we all just danced however we liked, me and casey were basically the best ones there (not really) but we werent afraid to get wild into it hahah we never knew we could move like that! Spanish dancing teaches you everything you never knew about your body lol  we went for icecream afterwards, coconut and guanabana flavored, soooo good! it even had real coconut in it!  my feet are killing me though, I cannot even walk right now, hopefully they'll be ok by tomorrow, or I won't be a very happy camper walking to school!
Dance class is every monday and wednesday now until we leave and I'm so excited about it!!! Maybe I'll actually learn something and remember it hahaha :D

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