Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friday 6/24 Tamarindo

Breakfast ends at 10am and we barely made it in time because we slept in so late.  It was the most glorious night of sleep Costa Rica had ever shown me though.  Because we arrived on a Thursday there was no one at the hotel, only the 6 of us, and we were much further from the downtown area than they led us to believe so there was no noise at all, only the lovely white noise of our air conditioner :)  The shades were even room darkening!! It was so amazing, words cannot even describe.  A shuttle would take us into town at 10:30am and pick us up at 6:30pm for free so looked like we were spending the day in town.  It was already starting to rain, no sunshine at all, and when we made it into town everything was pure red mud.  Needless to say we got dirty.. but we found our bus station and bought tickets for the way back in the sketchiest corner of town (of course) and then ended up walking around through the souvenir shops.  I think today was the first day I actually bought anything in Costa Rica besides, excursions and food (which is kind of terrible, I leave in a week... sorry guys!)  After shopping we went to this little restaurant and ate the most delicious Paninis and then just talked for hours.  It finally stopped raining around 4 and so we headed out to the beach and laid out until it was time to leave.  We were given free wrist bands for entrance to the main club in town called Aqua so we went back for dinner and to get ready and then headed back after 9pm... It was kind of a crazy night, but lots of fun! We have a great group of girls from UNH on our trip and we've gotten pretty close so all of us looked out for one another tonight, it was awesome, everyone kept everyone out of trouble :)  We all went back to our hotel around 3am, exhausted but we ended up talking and having the most ridiculous conversations, its insane how close we've become in only 5 weeks!  Very happy to have met these girls though :D  fun night, so thankful for being able to sleep in the next day though!!

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