Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tortuguero 6/10

Friday: Left the school at 6am and wanted to sleep forever.  Stopped for breakfast at 8am at this little diner shack (all meals included that weekend- which explains why they were what they were...).  Rice and beans and plantains, not too bad then got back on the bus for another hour or so, not really sure but the road there was SO BUMPY!  finally made it to this little restaurant with a bathroom and then hopped in a little boat for an hour to get to our hotel.  We saw this sassy iguana (sassy because if you've ever seen one walk- it's sassy) and several other lizards, butterflies, and birds, all of which I identified with my lovely laminated wildlife guide (lol thanks mom and dad).  10:30 we pulled up to our boat dock and the hotel grounds looked gorgeous, flowers and trees everywhere.  We were greeted by a Cayman (looks like a little crocodile), and a tiger feathered bird (SO COOL).   50 m away from our door was the beach and the river was just on the other side.  Basically we were in the middle of no where.  Apparently though, its not an island, its just at the tip of a peninsula.  Expecting the best of our adorable little cabins Casey and I found our room number and jumped into what we hoped was not serious.  Because we like to be optimistic however, we decided oh its not so bad, this will be great!  small room, two beds, bathroom, one bug net, one sheet, and two microscopic towels.  Pura Vida! OH and lets not forget our rusty old fan, that thing was a life saver.  The beach sand was darker than what we're used to and much hotter too, the water was the perfect temperature but the sand dollars made it difficult to stand in. At first they were really cool, everyone was like: hey these are sand dollars wow that's awesome! but pretty soon it turned into: I CANT GET THEM OFF MY FEET it was creepy they would suction on and just crawl around! ugh so gross.  We walked around and explored the area for a bit until lunch at 12.  The food overall was horrendous. absolutely awful.  but it was the only thing around for miles so that was it.  At 2:30pm we hopped back on the boat and headed to the town of Tortuguero, which apparently is a 25min ride.  It was a little town with nothing more than souvenir shops.  We literally walked to the end and saw nothing but tourist attractions, so we bought ice cream :)  One the boat ride back we saw some Spider Monkeys swinging around in the trees and mono congos (or howler monkeys) right when we pulled into the dock.  There was also a pretty cool tree full of Opendula birds (black with bright yellow tails) and they make the strangest noise, but I kind of enjoyed it.  We had some time til dinner so we walked the beach and sat until the sun went down, watching crabs and collecting sand dollars, getting covered in black sand (just me for some reason..) dinner was gross I don't even want to talk about it.  We went to bed relatively early and had a little slumber party and talked for awhile because it was far too hot to sleep.  I was just so afraid something was going to crawl onto me in my sleep because the rooms just were not secure at all.
More later, I need sleep :)

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