Wednesday, June 1, 2011

5/31 presentaciones y piratas

I had two presentations to do today, one was assigned just yesterday though so I just improvised when the time came because I definitely didn't have time for it lol  the first one for tropical ecology I had to research the Scarlet Macaw, but in spanish of course (Guacamayo Rojo) and I had to present for 8 minutes but it ended up being kind of long anyways because our teacher interjects random facts and stories all the time.  so that went pretty well and my other class was just a presentation in the past tense, so that was pretty easy.  Later on, I went to the movies in Heredia to see Pirates of the Carribean (in 3D!!!) with two of my friends from school.  All of the previews were in spanish but we were told that only movies shown in spanish were childrens movies and the rest had spanish subtitles.  The first word of the movie was "Capitán" so we were like oh no!!!! but then the next few words were in english and the subtitles popped up! yayyy!!! but it was a close one hahah
we had to take a bus to get there but we're still pretty new with the whole system even though one of us (not me) is fluent in spanish because its his first language, we still ended up getting off at the wrong place and having to walk for a while until we could find a taxi haha but it was pretty funny and the weather was still nice so I didn't mind.  We hung out for a while after that too and had dinner at his house because we left too early for the movie to be fed at home and my family goes to bed very early. 
When I came home (half an hour ago) my brother mario was still up waiting for me! I always feel so bad when they stay up, but its very nice of them and I appreciate it, they're so good to me!  anyways I have school tomorrow and then dance classes!!! can't wait! :D

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