Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Tortuguero 6/12

Breakfast was at 7:30am but we didn't have to leave until 9am but of course we had to get up or else we didn't eat til noon.  We napped til it was time to leave and took a 30 second boat ride to the other side of the river.  There were only 7 of us, which was so nice, and we were at a biological reserve for an investigation for our Tropical Ecology class. Have to identify 5 flowering plants, 5 fruit plants/trees, a fallen tree that left a whole in the canopy, and a dead log... there's a lot more to it than just that but in summary that's good enough.  So we step off the boat and this guy walks up to us and no one, absolutely no one expected him to be speaking English let alone with a British accent. It was so refreshing though, in the strangest way and he was so nice, he asked us all if we had already eaten breakfast and if we'd like to sit down for a little. At first we all thought he was Australian until he said that it was "Brilliant!" and figured out that he was definitely British.  We walked around the site and he stopped to explain random plants, trees and animals to us, all of which was so interesting!!  We saw a bunch more little strawberry poison dart frogs and a lot of mosquitoes and ants, but other than that it was all plants.  I never thought I'd be so interested in the biology of plants but everything he was saying was just so interesting and he was so passionate about it all that it made it so much fun!  He helped us finish the investigation portion of our project and sent us on our way.   Lunch was at noon and I didn't get through more than 3 bites before I felt really sick so I went back to the room to lie down.  I fell straight asleep and didn't get up until it was time to leave at 1pm.  Back onto the boat and then to the bus for a couple more hours.  The rode was so bumpy though and the only seats were left in the back.  Everyone was a little motion sick and it didn't help that I was in the last seat.  But I made it home, still had no appetite but I think I just needed sleep.  Skyped with Jordan for a while :) and then hung out with Deivy for the rest of the night, it was a lot of fun, that kid keeps me so entertained.   Apparently hes going to be in a play sometime in July, either the 2nd or the 9th and I really hope its on the 2nd so I can go, but it was so funny because when he was trying to explain to me what he was talking about he put on a bandanna, aviators and a big sideways hat and with the straightest face looks at me and says "Yo, yo hey baby whats up?"  and then burst out laughing, I guess his character is kind of a thug hahahah didn't go to bed til super late, which wasn't the smartest idea but I was just having so much fun!! :D

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