Monday, June 27, 2011

Saturday 6/25

Woke up just in time for breakfast, didn't even really get dressed, went in our pj's, and then went back to bed afterwords.  We literally did absolutely nothing ALL day, it was great :)  we laid in our beds for a while and over-analyzed Spanish music videos, went outside to lay by the pool until it started raining again and basically did nothing until around 6pm and we were starving.  We didn't eat lunch because the hotel food was outrageously expensive, so by that time we were all very very grumpy and about to pass out.  It was pouring and we made it to the closest restaurant in town just in time for their buffet deal, so we were served immediately!  We ended up talking for about an hour but the rain was coming down so hard and we could not find a taxi anywhere.  One of the girls didn't have an umbrella or a raincoat so I gave her my raincoat and just used the umbrella but the rain was so intense that my umbrella was leaking the whole time! Needless to say we were pretty soaked.  I literally had to walk through a lake to cross the street, luckily I'm always prepared and had all of my things in plastic bags hahah parents taught me well :)   It took us 4 hours to find a way back to the hotel and that night we just stayed inside and talked because the rain was so bad.

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