Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tuesday 6/21

At dance class yesterday we all decided that we were going to play a game today and tomorrow.  Everyone has to speak in Spanish until 1pm today (practice day) and if anyone playing catches you speaking English they say "pagame" and you have to give them 100 colones.. which is only the equivalent of about 20 cents.  I did surprisingly well and did not speak one word of English :D very proud of myself.  It was funny though because I'm mortally terrified of talking with my Ecology teacher, Humberto because he talks so fast! and mumbles and I just never know what hes saying.  so that morning I was early and he was talking to me and I made him repeat himself so many times but I was still impressed that I talked to him at all and then in class that day he was laughing and asked me if it was difficult for me to understand what was going on, apparently hes never known that I'm so completely lost when it comes to that class and hes finally picking up on it lol we're supposed to have a final exam at the end of next week but he gave us the option to do a project and instead.  and because he thought it would be really funny, he decided to make the decision up to me, assuming that I had no idea what he was saying, but I did understand and came back with a retort of "depends on the project" he was surprised to say the least and told us that we would be teaching a class of 30 3rd graders about tropical ecology.   I much prefer this task over a test because we all get to work together but he assigned it today and we have to make a theater play or something in Spanish and present it on Monday to a class of 9 year olds.. hopefully it'll be fun and they'll understand what we're saying lol
because its Tuesday we went to the mall as always and sat at our usual table at our lovely Italian restaurant.   The waiter knows the few of us that always go and is much more comfortable talking with us now, much less humble, in a good way.  Afterwords we walked around and decided not to go see a movie because the only one playing that we haven't seen was Kungfu Panda 2... so we got our delicious frozen yogurt from Moyo and went on our way back home.

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