Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sunday 6/26

We hung around until the shuttle left at 10:30 and then headed into town because that's where our bus leaves from.  We sat around at the beach for a while and found a store to buy miscellaneous snacks at for the ride home because we wouldn't be leaving until 1pm and probably not arriving in San Jose until about 6:30pm.  The bus ride was very long and for the most part I sat in the very back with a whole row of strangers but it was okay, they were all very nice.  I was exhausted by the time I finally made to San Joaquin and before I could even get to the door Deivy had it open because he was waiting for me to get home haha hes so funny, the first thing he does is bring me into the kitchen and show me how hard hes been working on learning how to juggle.  So I'm standing there falling asleep (even though its only 7:30--traveling makes you tired) with all my bags still and hand and hes just waiting for my approval while he throws the little limes up in the air.  I finally went and put my bags down and he followed me upstairs because he wanted to show me what he had done all weekend.  Apparently he had a field trip with school (which doesn't happen very often) so he sat me down and showed me all the pictures that everyone had taken.  Meanwhile, I'm starving, I haven't eaten anything all day and there doesn't seem to be any dinner around.. luckily though about half an hour later a pizza guy showed up! Yay!! We hung out for a while until about 10pm and I decided I needed to sleep so he let me go hahah :)

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