Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Slept in til 9 today! I'm just always so tired! Busy life of Costa Rica.  I was supposed to go to walmart today to get some necessary clothes items for dance class, but I couldn't get a hold of my friend because she doesn't have a phone (which is awful because shes always lost!) So instead I went to a nearby store with my friend Emily and bought some leggings and ended up just borrowing things.  I met her family and  her pets and they all seemed very nice but she lives with two little girls and honestly I don't think I could haha they were screaming the whole time!! Dance at 7pm and this time Alicia (my friend without a phone) decided she wanted to come too so I told her to meet me at my house so we could meet up with everyone else.. except I kind of gave her the wrong directions. lol I realized it ten minutes later when she wasn't showing up and it was a little past 6 at this point and thats when it starts to get dark.. So I literally sprinted through the town looking for her following the incorrect directions haha and couldn't find her anywhere. woops. So ran back home, my family was just so confused because I couldn't explain it, or remember the word for lost but then at the last minute she was on facebook. thank goodness she at least made it home.  So we met at the school and met everyone else for dance class.  It was a lot of fun, Casey and I are salsa masters, we're always partners because there are way too many girls and not enough guys, which is really ok with me, cause they always try to tell you that they're right, even though they're doing the steps wrong. so Casey and I make an excellent dance team!  Its funny because our two friends from the Dominican are always talking about dancing but they're kind of awful.. and we're really not that bad :)  Surprising right?  My feet are killing me still though, this class is beating me up, in the best way possible.  I truly love it!! can't wait to get home and show everyone my new moves ;)

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