Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6/6 Volcan Poas

Field trip to Volcano Poas in Tropical Ecology class.  Its in a cloud forest so it was really cold (which we did not know ahead of time) and hard to see anything.  We seem to have very good luck though because when we actually made it to the volcano everything cleared up enough for us to see the whole thing!  The same thing happened for the lagoon on the other side of the volcano.  We saw plenty of hummingbirds (los colibris) and they were all a metallic blue color, very pretty.  Everyone slept on the bus ride home, worn out from our long weekend and early morning class.  Class til 4, and we had to make up a story about butterflies.. (it makes sense because its in the context of the verb forms we're using) but it was very odd-- silly at the least. Dance class at 7 and this time it was a lot less crowded and apparently Monday classes are more pair oriented.  The girl to guy ratio was lacking  though so I danced with Casey a lot and we were actually pretty good! (If I do say so myself)  Its quite the workout but we learned how to do the merengue and the cha cha, slower and easier to understand this time because the first class was kind of like a taste of what everything would be like.  It was a lot of fun and I think I'll actually be able to remember this when we're finished!! Should have been a dancer, its amazing!! 

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  1. That is awesome for you, I am excited you say the volcano. We saw clouds. ;-)