Monday, June 13, 2011

Tortuguero 6/11

We set an alarm that night for midnight but apparently it was really set for noon, so we didn't get up to go find sea turtles like we meant to. oh well.  breakfast at 7am and then off to our anonymous hike.  We followed two dogs, some guy and a boy through the woods to a trail that was straight up.  Our hike was not hiking it was absolute tree climbing. Luckily I didn't have anything but my water bottle or I would have been dying.  Each step was above my hip and so you had to look around for trees that didn't have living creatures or spikes on them to grab onto and hoist yourself up.  After about an hour of intense climbing we made it to our destination.  It was a little outlook spot that displayed the ocean right next to the river.  It was beautiful but I would never do it again.  Everyone was literally dripping sweat, I have never felt that way in my entire life.  It was strange though because it wasn't from the heat, there was just so much humidity that you didn't even feel hot you just would stop moving and accumulate so much water from your body.  It was pretty disgusting.  Showered, for the millionth time (the humidity and heat there was just to much that after every activity showering was necessary) and then had some more free time for the beach.  Lunch that day was the only truly edible thing we'd had so far.  Pasta!!  I have to say the foods I miss the most here are pasta and chocolate, and I'm not usually a chocolate person.  There are a lot of sweets here, in the food just not the same kind, its hard to explain but the sugars here are just so different from the ones at home.  Still good, but I miss the flavors.   Anyways, then we went for a two hour boat ride to find animals.  No crocodiles, just some spider monkeys, lots of lizards, birds, and little turtles of course... but overall it was a lot of fun cruising around in our little boat.  Dinner and then we were promised cake for some girls birthday, needless to say we were really excited about cake.  They threw a whole big party at the bar with balloons, masks, and even a pinata.  the cake was pretty awful, but the candy in the pinata was ok, so it made up for it.  It was filled with peanuts, little chocolates, and honey candies (similar to werthers).  My mask turned my face blue though because I guess the color drained into my skin and it took forever to get out!  and of course we had another fight with a spider but this time we handled it on our own.. it was pretty intense though to be honest. :P  We went to bed pretty early again because we were just so exhausted.  Set an alarm for 2am for a turtle hunt but when we woke up it was pouring.  Stayed in bed and slept til breakfast.

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