Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday 6/27 iBuenos Días Niños!

I got to school a little early today (a little before 7am) because we're traveling to a school somewhere nearby to teach a class of 30 nine year old kids (3rd grade) about tropical ecology.  Everyone was very unprepared but we had a power point that we could follow at least the topics we should be talking about.  So Casey and I had to talk about the importance of fruits in a bosque so we created a little play for them.  It went something along the lines of I acted like an ignorant child that hates healthy food and only wants to eat chocolate and then finds out how great fruit is and learns all about protecting the environment to save the fruit and animals, etc.  It was pretty overall hilarious.  We even had them interact and asked them questions and it was the most adorable thing every they would all chime in at the same time and  be like "Si!!!!" even when we first walked into the classroom they all stood up at the same time and said "Buenos dias" and when we asked how they were they all responded in chorus "bien y ustedes?" it was the cutest thing I think I've ever seen!  They all wore uniforms and sat in little circles and all the boys had there hair gelled up into little mo hawks--so cute.  and our teacher is basically just the man and so he brought in a machete, an axe, and a lumberjack hat for one of the students so he could pretend to be the bad guy and cut down the forest (which we pretended to be--helpless trees)  and all the kids cried out no no no don't cut the trees! it was so much fun!!  When we were leaving one of the little girls came up to us and asked us why we laughed so much, I guess we're just happy people lol  After we left the school we went to  a nearby park and planted trees for about an hour until it was time to leave.  After class some of us went into the little downtown section of San Joaquin and bought these delicious smoothies!  When I went home Deivy tried to teach me how to juggle after lunch, without much success I must say, I'm kind of terrible at anything that involves hand-eye coordination lol  and then off to my second class.  I skyped with Steph for a while and hung out with Deivy all at the same time, so now they're acquaintances lol and I invited him to come to dance class with me too, with the intention that he would dance... which he did not.  He just sat there for two hours and watched haha hes a little shy I guess cause he said the only place he would dance was in the house and I couldn't even convince him to let me teach him!  Oh well, it was fun anyways.  When we got home we ate dinner finally, even though we were the only ones still up, so we went upstairs and played Uno for a while because we were bored.  He didn't want me to go to bed though.  Hes pretty upset that I'm leaving so soon, and I am too, we're pretty close and its going to be awful to not see him anymore, or at least for a long while... so we stayed up and just laid around watching tv and talking for a while until midnight and I told him that I needed to sleep and he begged me to stay up but finally relented. 

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