Thursday, June 16, 2011

6/15 Go Bruins!

Wednesday is my day for sleeping.  I don't have class until 2pm so I don't feel any need to get out of bed.  Although it's impossible to actually sleep for long because the sun streams in and it gets very loud as of 6am, its still so worth just laying in bed.  I didn't get up until 10am and felt a little silly because of it, my tico parents laughed at me when I finally went downstairs an made all sorts of sleepy jokes at me lol  I finished my homework and went to class from 2-4pm.  Tonight I usually have dance class but some of the girls at school wanted to go see the Bruins game in Heredia, so skipped dance for the night.  I waited for a while for everyone to be ready to leave so meanwhile I just hung out with Deivy and mama tica.  She played me in tic tac toe for a while until she was tired of losing lol so then she taught me how to play this game where you have all sorts of dots and you have to connect the lines to make boxes.  The person with the most boxes wins.  Deivy was so funny, like my own personal cheerleader haha but he had to finish the game for me cause I had to leave for Heredia.  The first bar we went to didn't have the right game playing and they wouldn't change it for us, even though we called ahead of time and asked if it would be on.  So we wondered to a couple more bars and within a couple of minutes found one that would change the channel for us! Food was not very good there, but we enjoyed the game and were very excited that the Bruins won!! it was so odd though because in Costa Rica hockey does not even exist so we were the only ones celebrating.  On our way back waiting for the bus Casey and I played charades on the sidewalk for about 20 minutes and all the Ticos thought we were the funniest things ever but thats alright :)  I've grown so comfortable here, traveling to the city, walking around, talking with people, its kind of sad that I'll be leaving so soon now that I know where everything is.  Guess I'll just have to make the best of my next 2 weeks!!! :D


  1. I watched the game at a sports bar in Toronto. They DO know what hockey is there, but I was one of the few cheering - most folks there don't like the Bruins. Is this a similar experience in an oddly un-similar way?

  2. Yes I think so, everyone just though we were crazy haha everytime they scored we'd jump up and down and the people would just laugh at us :)