Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monday 6/20

Class early in the morning as always, but we didn't really get to go on a field trip today because we didn't have any money for our usual bus, so instead one of the students brought in some sort of a show and tell.  Her host father works for INbio (national institution for biodiversity) and he studies spiders... lovely.  So he brought in 6 different kinds of tarantulas for us.. hooray.  Not exactly what I look forward to at 7 o'clock in the morning but hey this is Costa Rica :)  I was pretty fine with the whole thing until he picked on of them up and it started spewing venom everywhere.. he took a twig and put it in its mouth so it would stop, but it wasn't really what I expected would happen especially since we were all leaning over, looking at it.  Classes proceeded as usual and I was able to skype with my parents and Stephi :D for a while before dance class at 7pm.  Dance is different now that we all know most of the steps to the different types of dances, of course there's a few people that still need help but overall everyone knows what they're doing.  I think there were less girls this time too so it was more of an even break of girls vs. guys and I didn't have to be paired with Casey this time.  It's fun to dance with Casey but its not the same as dancing with a guy that actually knows how to lead you around.  Its fun to be the girl in the piar because you never know whats going to happen, spins and step changes are entirely up to the male lead and you never know when they're going to switch it up so you just wait in anticipation :)  I was pretty exhausted but Deivy wanted to watch Avatar with me because he'd never seen it so I stayed up til around 11pm because I didn't have class until 11 the next day.

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