Monday, May 30, 2011


Class at 7 today, we went to La Universidad de Paz, which apparently has quite the forest.  We walked around outside and looked at all the plant nurseries for a while, of which he gave us a common name, scientific name, and other random information that I don't understand in Spanish lol and then he took down a barb wire fence so we could go exploring.  The first thing he said : dont walk in the front, or too close to the edge of the path because there are many venomous snakes.  great, thats just awesome.  we didn't see any though, which I was kind of disappointed about since he talked them up so much. It was a beautiful hike though and he brought us up to a point where you could look out at the country and the view was gorgeous! I found a millipede too, poisonous of course. that thing was gross, but at least I didn't step on it.  we were going to go see jaguars, but the park that they stay in doesn't open until June 9th so hopefully we'll go visit then.

My next class was kind of boring, not much happened, afterwards I stayed at the Instituto til it closed at 6, intending to work on my project but I was just so overtired that I could not stop laughing.  Everything, was just hilarious for some reason and I laughed so hard that I was crying, everyone was having a good time though so I guess its ok :]  and since then I have been doing nothing but work on this project, but I had a nice skype break :) always good,  almost time for bed though, two presentations tomorrow!! wish me luck!

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