Friday, May 27, 2011


Today I had class from 11-1 and 2-4 but I came home for an hour for lunch because mama tica insisted haha I probably could have gone all day with the amount of food she gave me for breakfast though.  The classes here are very informal, there was a bird stuck in one of our classrooms (its a very big room with tall ceilings) and so we spent half an hour trying to get the poor thing out, standing on ladders, using brooms, everything haha and finally our teacher just plucked him right out of the air with his hands. poor thing looked terrified. and then we also had a 15 minute break. like I said, very informal.  And my second class is just me and one other girl so that's super informal too.  After classes I hung out with Mama, Papa,  Deivy, Tim and Brenda, and we talked or struggled to talk lol and used google earth to show all the different places we lived and went to school.  That lasted for hours haha through dinner and then it was very late and everyone had gone to bed except for Deivy and me.  He was telling me all about what he wants to do in life, and that he doesnt have school tomorrow because of elections so hes going on his first date!! I'm very excited for him, and hes so nervous its adorable.  He told me its a secret though because he wants to ask her to be his girlfriend but hes afraid she'll say no and if she does know one but me will know.  So of course I promised not to tell anyone.
By the time we went to bed it was past midnight (costa rica time!)
another late night, to go with another early morning! ayy loca

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