Tuesday, May 24, 2011

5/24 only day 4

I didn't have class until 11am today but its impossible to sleep in here, because the sun comes up so early and the dogs and birds chirp away, not to mention its two hours later at home. So I got up around 7 took another cold shower because I cant figure out how to work the heat yet, oh well.  Today breakfast was, again delicious, an egg over easy on top of black beans and rice, and a bowl of fruit (papaya, banana, and watermelon). Marito (mario- the son  not the father) and mama tica had to cut open the bird's cage to take one of them out because it was fighting with the baby birds, so that was quite the commotion, bird feathers everywhere! other than that though, my morning was uneventful, went to class at 11 til 1 which was just a whole bunch of spanish about the different levels of the forest and all that jazz, then class at 2-4 which was kind of boring and stressful because after a while, the spanish just started to blur together and I didnt have enough energy to focus on what she was saying, so yo no comprende.  Walked home after that and did nothing for a long time haha until Deiby decided  we should play a board game hahah "Gran Banco" or the Costarricense Monopoly!! surprisingly I won with flying colors, poor kid didn't know what hit him. but it was still fun! Dinner was Spagetti con "salsa blanco" which was basically a white sauce, not sure what, ham, corn and some sort of green... maybe spinach? it was very good though, I think shes finally understanding too that I cant eat as much as shes always serving me so she told me I could serve myself this time haha thank goodness, not sure I could stuff myself anymore trying not to be rude.   Played with the cat a little bit and talked with mama tica which was good because we have a hard time communicating, her accent is different than anything I've heard and its hard to understand.  Skyped with Jordan a bit, except my computer fails, oh well it was great anyways :]  afterwards, Deiby and Marito came back from church? I think they went to classes because they have a confirmation on the 4th.. but anyways they came back and we played Uno (the card game) for a couple hours which was a lot of fun, got to know Marito a little better too, hes just so shy!!  and now its bedtime! no class until 2 tomorrow though, maybe I'll give sleeping another shot! Buenos Noches!!

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