Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5/25 bugs.

today was the first day that I've come across any real pests, there are plenty of flies just hanging around because the doors are always open but usually nothing else. slept til 8 this morning, crazy late, I know. and then when I went downstairs for my shower I opened the door and this GIANT BUG crawls at the speed of light somewhere around the door.  ohhhhh I dont like that at all, but I took my shower and then went to open the door again and it did the same thing!! I dont know how it was hiding in the door, but I couldnt find it after that... not that I really want to see it again.  And then I almost walked straight into a spider when I was in my room like 5 minutes later!! killed it. so proud of myself, except there was another one in my bathroom later on, didnt get that one, so it'll be waiting for me in the morning :( 
I hung out at school today for a while 11-4 and just talked with other students and did my homework, finally got my cell phone too (don't get too excited I'm only using it for within CR) its super old school and impossible figure out, but it works for what I need it to I suppose.  when I was walking home there was a huge thunder storm (typical) and there was no power in the house so me and Deivy played Uno by candlelight haha and then Tim (Brenda,the teacher's husband) and he was our las vegas dealer for black jack haha even mama tica played with us! Dinner was late so I was starving, but I still cant eat all the food she gives me,  but shes learning and asks if its enough or I'd like more now instead of just piling it on.  She tells everyone that I eat so little! but seriously its a ridiculous amount of food.

right this second, theres a bug flying aruond on my walls.. and im not sure what to do about it. definitely freaking me out though, haha i've had that terrible creepy crawly feeling all day, and sometimes its true and theres a bug on me, which doesnt make me any more comfortable abou thtis whole situation. ughhh maybe i'll drown it in bug spray.

anyways. after dinner Deivy and I went to Giovani and Katia's house which is basically connected to this house I found out and ended up playing wii sports haha until just about ten minutes ago because I was exhuasted, still am but hopefully these bugs wont keep me awake.. only 5 more weeks right? I can take it :)


  1. Ciao? Spanish isn't challenging enough so you are branching out?

  2. no, its spanish too, its the same in a couple of the languages actually :P