Sunday, May 22, 2011

The longest day EVER

Pura Vida! (which as was explained to me means "todos"-everything)I'm exhausted so I'm going to try and make this kind of short, well as short as I can make the longest day ever anyways.
woke up early to eat breakfast at the hotel, oh and I forgot to mention the showers at the hotel are excruciatingly hot, seriously I couldnt stand in them for more than 8 seconds at a time, even the sinks were that way. but anyways breakfast was muy delicioso! then we headed out to walk around San Jose for 4 hours, worst four hours ever, if I could have never seen San Jose I would have been really ok with it, haha its not very pretty, and everything is very humid and dirty. The people are very um forward.. no let me rephrase that the men, express how they feel about women, and its very normal, in a nice complimentary yet almost creepy way.  for example, a man came up to me "Oy princessa, te amo!" and they say things like thank you for coming here and wink and touch your arms and everything.  takes some getting used to but its amusing if nothing else
then we packed up and went to lunch at a mall near San Joaquin, all the food there was american: subway, wendys, kfc, mcdonalds, etc then traveled to the institute, which is BEAUTIFUL (ill take pictures soon), and had an "orientation" which meant that they told us all of the important things we needed to know in spanish talking a million miles per hour at students that were falling asleep on the couches. needless to say it was overwhelming and then without a pause our families came to pick us up.
except the wrong family took me away... hahahah they were talking to me and the man asked me if I knew their names and I said Mario? and he was like no..? Raul.  and then we made it to their house and they were like how do you pronounce your name again? Katelyn? uhhh no. woops, so back to the institute for me haha but they were all very nice about it.
finally made it to my real house, where my mother, father, two brothers were, and also my sister and brother in law... who spoke english, made things much easier until he left, which left for a very silent language barrier.
after a while though I spoke with Deiby, who is 16 years old.  Oh also, we had pizza for dinner as my "welcome home" treat haha and ice cream because I said it was my favorite food :)
I'm sure theres a lot more but I cant think on so little sleep, theres internet in my house though so thats good and means I will probably update more often!
Hasta Pronto!

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