Monday, May 23, 2011

First day of classes 5/23

So this morning I had to get up super early because I had class at 7am but its two hours earlier here, so really it was like getting up at 8am, which isn't nearly as terrible as 6am. So my bathroom is downstairs and I didnt know how to use the shower because its a little different, and really all you have to do is turn it but it looked more complicated. sooo I couldnt get the warm water to work, so I took a pretty cold shower but it felt pretty good in comparison to the ones I took at the hotel in San Jose.  Then I couldnt figure out how to turn it off, and I didnt want to be super inappropriate and go out in a towel so I had to speed dress and go ask someone for help hahah but I guess I broke it or something because they couldnt turn it off either.. woops. instead they just turned off the water to the shower from the outside haha hopefully its back on for tomorrow, we'll find out I guess. Breakfast was muy delicioso, huevos con jamon y queso, y frutas, fresh bananas, pineapples, mango mmm so good.  My first class is from 7-11 on mondays, tropical ecology, and apparently on mondays we go on field trips, we ended up going to a farm and a  forest, it was very pretty but also very hot. totally worth it though, the only problem is I had no idea what our teacher was saying, at all and we have some really big projects and homework, due very soon... and I dont even understand what they are? awesome. oh well, I'll manage haha then Mario, mi hermano, picked me up for lunch. Hes very very quiet but really nice, he wants to work at Intel, he loves computers, which is why no one ever sees him because hes always in his room, but I got him to come down and talk about school for a little while until I had to go back.  Class from 2-4pm every day intermediate spanish 2, muchhh easier than my first class, this one might be easy, but I wont speak to soon.  I dont remember if I mentioned this or not, but there is a teacher at the institute also living with us, however she teaches in english and speaks almost no spanish, same with her husband, so it makes me feel a little better that I can at least handle more espanol than her lol

Hasta Luego!!

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