Sunday, February 3, 2013

word doc I made but never posted..

Thursday 6/30

That night Deivy was talking about how he had to go somewhere and asked me if I wanted to go with him, so sure why not, the last couple days here, I’d like to spend more time with him.  We ended up going to a little religious group somewhere in town.  It was all teenagers and it was kind of like just a community gathering type thing so that the kids could be involved with each other.  We played all sorts of really funny games, one involved having two lines, the boys and the girls. The first person in each line was the gallina and the people holding on behind them (like a train) were the pollitos!  Each gallina had to protect their pollitos and at the same time try to get the pollitos from the opposite line to let go.  It was pretty crazy but a lot of fun, they were all very nice and understanding of our language barrier.  They all had fun trying their hands at English, some were better than other hahah. 

Friday 7/1

Saturday 7/2:
Basically everyone already sold their phones back and the plan for today was kind of uncertain to begin with.  A bunch of people were supposed to go into San Jose to get all those last minute gifts (because you know we procrastinated) but I wasn’t originally part of the plan until I realized no matter what I really needed to go shopping.  So I went out looking for them at the time they said they would be there and no one was around.  The school was closed because it’s a Saturday so I walked around town and to all the bus stops and then decided they had already gone or decided not to go and I was heading back home.  On my way home one of the girls was waiting outside the institute.  We waited a little while but no one else showed up so we decided that we were going to brave the city by ourselves.  It was much better than I thought it would be, we didn’t really get yelled at by anyone and its strange the way you adapt to a culture… Once you lose that look of confusion (even though you still have absolutely no idea where you’re going) you blend in, kind of.  Granted we are clearly American but the fact that we look confident and speak Spanish prevents all of the creepy Ticos from telling you how much they love you.  We couldn’t find the market we were looking for but we found a different one that worked out just as well.  We got back to San Joaquin around 2pm and then for the rest of the day I packed and hung out with Deivy.  The whole time I was packing he was just sitting in my room, almost like he was afraid to let me out of his sight because I might disappear.  We stayed up really late in my room just laying around, listening to music, talking, watching videos, until it was really late and we were forced to go to bed because we were falling asleep. L

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